Zone Out


MON – THUR : 10:00AM => 9:00PM
FRI – SAT : 10:00AM => 11:00PM
SUN : 10:00AM => 9:00PM

All tickets won in Zone Out will be transferred to your card electronically when you are finished playing the game with a red coloured swiper.

Email for information on the best party EVER!

Credit on to the Zone Out card will last FOREVER! 

Unfortunately, Zone Out is not responsible for any lost or stolen cards. Any money value on the card will not be replaced

You can redeem tickets won on your card by visiting the redemption counter. One of our friendly staff members will tell you how many tickets you have to spend. You can choose any prizes available up to the total amount of tickets on your card. If you don’t spend your tickets, they will last on your card for 12 months.

Yes! If you’re short on tickets, you can purchase the extra amount using cash or card. No more tears having to leave a cool toy behind!

Credit can be added to your card by either visiting our redemption counter, or using our handy self-serve kiosk.

Tickets won on the Zone Out card are valid forever!

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Zone Out is limited to 105 people in store at one time.
We are dedicated to offering a safe yet enjoyable experience for everyone.

There will be both a touch free hand sanitiser machine located upon entry and hand sanitiser located at the redemption counter.

Customers will be required to use their phones to register their details through the Service NSW QR Code. 

Machines will be thoroughly wiped down regularly.

Zone Out staff will ensure social distancing rules of 1.5 metres are followed.